Opened hot water for more than 850 years.
Onsen that purifies the bod where the
legend of the white wolf remains.

Good to bathe in, good to drink, and good to inhale.

Misasa Onsen is one of the most radioactive springs in the world and heals the mind and body. It boasts a high concentration of radon and is said to be healthy when you stay over the morning three times. You will feel at ease in the atmosphere of the hot spring town, which has a nostalgic atmosphere of a traditional hot spring resort.

Three hot spring powers that please the body

  1. Good to bathe in Refresh effect

    Radon is a weak radiation generated by the decomposition of radium. It promotes the normalization of the body by absorbing the components of the world's leading radioactive spring, including high concentrations of radon, through the skin.

  2. Good to drink Rich in minerals

    By drinking a hot spring, the components are taken in directly from the eardrum (mucosa) of the digestive tract and exhibit pharmacological action. Misasa Onsen is a hot spring that is rich in minerals, and when you drink it, the blood volume in the gastric mucosa doubles.

  3. Good to inhale Enhances antioxidant function

    Hot water from Misasa Onsen, which boasts one of the highest radon contents in the world. When radon enters the body by breathing, metabolism becomes active, and it has the effect of enhancing immunity and natural healing power.

Effects and History

Inns where you can enjoy Misasa Onsen

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